Outreach Ideas

Our goal is to reach more ethnic Koreans to join the bone marrow registry. Please let us know how you’d like to proceed and we can provide support, kits, and will follow-up. Finding Ally’s match is a team effort so we’re here for you! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Communication Guidelines: The key is to (1) state how you know Ally (friend of a friend) and (2) be upfront about action steps required (non-invasive to register; in the 1/500 chance of being matched, it’s a needle prick and blood draw with little side effects)

Do Good Activity with Small Groups
Ask small groups of people made of mostly Koreans (bible studies, social/sports groups, family/friends gatherings) to do a “do good” activity to help a friend’s son.

  1. Find out number of kits needed for the group. Contact Team Ally with date required and number of kits needed. Postage is paid for and kits are free.
  2. Provide the kits to the group’s main contact with instructions on how to fill out the forms and swab. Online tutorial: Swab Kit Instructional
  3. Follow-up to make sure kits are completed and mailed in.

Personal Message for Larger Group
Ask a larger group or organization to host a drive (clubs, associations, religious orgs, workplaces, etc.). Identify a point-person to follow through with the drive.

  1. Promotion video: either show the Korean/English video from the website OR Andrew can record a short personalized message for the group to provide an update (works well with younger Korean-Americans. For a personalized video update: Contact Team Ally
  2. Team Ally will connect the point person with their local registry rep and make sure you and the organization has everything needed to complete a drive.
  3. More information on hosting a drive: Drive Kit

Food and Fight Party
It’s always fun to make food the main attraction for a party. Potluck, kimbap rolling party, baking extravaganza, etc. Whatever it might be, bring people together to eat and drink and do something good for Ally’s Fight. Either have each person register online at the party or Team Ally can mail kits to you. By the way, Ally’s favorite food is rice, seaweed, m&ms and beef jerky. =)

How Do You Know Ally?
On average our drives have brought in about 40 new registrants, and many of these folks are non-Asian. If we could get 10 people in a community to reach out to a group of 10 mostly Koreans, that’s 100! Drives require a bit more time. Ally doesn’t have time. Koreans are insanely connected and it’s important to highlight how people are connected, making his story more personal. Here’s how:

  1. Week 1: Call a handful of friends to tell them how you know Ally (ex. wife’s friend’s classmate’s son) and that he most likely needs a Korean match. Receive verbal confirmation that these friends will register online and ask a handful of their friends.
  2. Week 2: Call or text the friends to follow-up.
  3. Week 3: Call or text friends to follow-up (they might get annoyed, but they’ll do it even if it’s out of guilt. Doesn’t matter if they’re a match for Ally or anyone else; it’ll be worth it).

These are only a few ideas that could look different depending on time, comfort level, and relationships. There is always room to be creative or go about it differently. We need to convert interest and compassion into action (registrations) and personal connection is the key for the Korean community.

Please let us know how you’d like to proceed and we can provide support, kits, and will follow-up with you. Finding Ally’s match is a team effort so we’re here for you!