Registration Events!

Upcoming Screening Drives:

We have several bone marrow registration drive events scheduled worldwide.  If you live local to any of the drives, please come out and register!  If you would like to volunteer at a drive, or interested in hosting/organising a drive yourself, please contact us!  CLICK HERE!


  • 08-May @ UC Irvine, Vista del Campo, 5-7pm
  • 09-May @ UC Irvine, Camino del Sol, 7-9pm
  • 10-May @ UC Irvine, Vista del Campo Norte, 8-10pm
  • 11-May @ UC Irvine, Puerta del Sol, 5-7pm


  • 25-May @ Wellcome Research Centre, Oxford


  • TBD


  • 24-Apr @ YunSung University
  • 26-Apr @ HoWon University
  • 27-Apr @ KunSanHo University

For more information about a drive, or to help us organise a drive near you (at your workplace, school, church, etc), please contact us!


Total Worldwide Screening Drives = 105+

Total # of people registered at Drives = 5,000+

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