Ally Returns Home!

Dear friends, family, and supporters!

Hope all are well! It has been several weeks since Ally was discharged from hospital and he is doing fantastic! In the last week his blood values have been more stable, and showing that his immune function is returning!
Ally still is on heavy medication, regular transfusions, and treatments, but it has been a huge step forward in recovery. Because this is still a very experimental treatment, we are continuing the search for a bone marrow donor match which he might need in the future, and also with the hopes to help others find their match.
It has been such a blessing to be together as a family again and we thank you all so much for your continued love, support, help, and prayers throughout this journey! Every person helping has been special; we wanted to highlight just a few of the wonderful people that have helped us along the way:

  • Dear friends Angela, Laura, and Jinsook who really helped us get started with drives, the website, social media…
  • Wonderful organisations like AADP (Carol, Thara), Be the Match (Rebecca, Tori), A3M (Julie, Ayumi), KAHHF (Dr Kim), DKMS UK (Lisa), CHSCB (Ms SH Buhm), and CGD Society (Caroline, Sam) who have set up and supported countless drives worldwide…
  • The amazing nurses, doctors, and Fox/Robin ward staff at GOSH; every day caring for Ally and cheering him along the way…
  • Our always loving family, especially Seoul Uncle Jung, Uncle Charlie, and Grandma Kim. Organising, and praying non-stop. They are the ones that have worked every day to make this thrive…

Everyone who has participated, shared the message, checked in on us, helped at an event, thought about Ally… we can never thank you enough! Please keep supporting him and bone marrow donation awareness!
Love, Ally & family (Andrew, Judy, Micah, Chocopie)
instagram/twitter: @AllysFight

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