About Ally:

Alastair was born in Oxford and is of 100% Korean descent.  He just turned two years old in September.  Ally was diagnosed with Chronic Granulomatous Disorder (CGD), an extremely rare and life threatening condition where his immune system does not work properly; even a small infection can be fatal.  Since February 2016, he has been living at the hospital with Mum, and is currently at the specialist centre, Great Ormond St Children Hospital in London.

Ally is hoping to have a bone marrow transplant procedure, which could cure him completely, however no matching donor was found after searching all the world databases.  We need your help to find a donor match.  Please join the registry today!

When Ally is feeling good, and is not being poked and prodded by doctors and nurses, he loves kicking the football around, blowing bubbles, giving kisses and hi-fives, dancing and jumping (he doesn’t actually get off the ground), and drawing.  He likes watching Peppa Pig, Robocar Poli, and Paw Patrol.  And happy to wear anything with stripes =)

You can follow Ally’s journey on FaceBook, please visit and share:

About the family:

Mum and Dad are originally from America (Minneapolis and Chicago) and lived in the San Francisco Bay Area before moving to the England.  Mum works as a scientist and lecturer at University of Oxford, and Dad works as a research engineer for a medical heart valve company.  Ally has an older brother Micah, whom he adores, as well as a lovely dog named Chocopie.

6 thoughts on “ALLY’S FIGHT: His Story

  • Sending prayers and hope! I’m sharing your website and facebook and the Oxford Mail story to everyone I know. Hoping to find the donor!


  • Hi I’m ethnic Chinese from Singapore. I’m glad someone shared the Oxford Mail article on my Korea University 고려대학교 exchange students’ Facebook group so I got to know about Ally’s story. I’ve shared the article on my Facebook Wall too.

    I can get a DIY kit in Singapore from the Bone Marrow Donor Programme but how would you get to know whether I’m compatible or not?


    • Dear GheeHie, thank you so much for helping us raise awareness and passing our msg to your FB group =)

      Once you register on the Singapore and take the screening test, they will put your information into the international database. Ally’s doctors are checking the database for matches every week. If you are a match (for Ally or someone else), then the Singapore office will contact you directly for the next steps. Thank you so much!!!!!!!


  • Hi, I’m from Raynes Park, London but live in Seoul right now. How can we help from here? Are those tests available here as well? Where should we take them to be analized?


    • Dear Valeria,
      Thank you for your note! The local marrow registry in Seoul is KMDP. We have just started to partner with them. Unfortunately, they do not send our free testing kits in the post, rather you can go to anyone of their 23 offices in Seoul, or they will be coming out to screen people at several drives we are organising! Here is their website (English version), its a bit tricky to navigate, but you could go to the tab “Collection Centres” to find your local office!

      Cheers!!!! Andrew (Ally’s father)


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